Fatal Sinker Syndrome


Spring 2015 was looking promising. Taz and I were thawing out from a cold and snowy winter and beginning to prepare for the upcoming show season. We were coming off of our best year together yet – with Garden State, HITS, and our first hunter derby under our belt. We had lessons scheduled, show dates arranged, and transportation booked. Our 10th year together was going to be epic. Then, on April 30th, 2015 everything we had known together was turned upside down. We would no longer be competing for ribbons but instead fighting for Tazzy’s life. He had foundered – “fatal sinker syndrome” to be exact. This is the story of a yellow horse with a heart of gold, and his support team who refuses to give up; because founder shouldn’t have to be a death sentence.

This website has been created as a resource for those who love a horse with this heart-wrenching disease. My time spent online researching, turned up many empty leads, and a lack of support or real-world tales. There were a few success stories, but all the hope provided by success was lost without a look into the struggle. So this is Tazzy’s story. His ups and his downs. I have no idea what his future holds – we are early on in what could be a life-time battle. But I am putting it all on here, chronicled so that others may find comfort in knowing that they are not alone.