Sunny days

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I’m writing this blog post as I sit on a grassy patch enjoying the sunshine. I currently have the best view in the entire world. Here, let me show you:

  We have been turning him out for an hour or two every day since Sunday. He is really enjoying the mental and physical break from the stall. The turn out forces him to move around a bit, which eases the stiffness and improves the circulation of blood to his feet. It also makes him happy. So happy that he spends a few minutes each day calling out to all of the other horses; you know, just in case they didn’t know he was still alive and kicking.

We’ve also been attempting to cut down on the pain medication he receives. We only give him banamine when we feel he needs it, as opposed to twice a day everyday. I’d like him to still have a digestive tract when this nightmare is all said and done with.

Another problem has surfaced since this debacle began. Yellow. Horse. Attitude. He’s becoming quite comfortable with being treated like a king. He has a slew of people in and out of his stall all day, fluffing his bedding, tending to his bedsores, fly spraying him, and giving him love and treats. In Tazzy’s world, he now calls the shots. He’s now taken to playing a game of, “let’s plant my feet and pull people in the direction I would like to go” when being walked outside. It’s hilarious. Wonderful, really. Except when you’re not expecting your crippled horse to yank you in the direction of the barn, thus slamming you into the corner of the building and causing a mild concussion. (The concussion was just added for the woe-is-me factor. Otherwise, you’ll all remain firmly planted on the “Taz does no wrong” side of the fence.)

So this is a celebratory blog post. No teary eyes. Just a bruised elbow from my collision with the barn. A three day celebration of sunny days, both literally and figuratively. A positive outlook on how far we’ve come, makes for an optimistic view of the long road still ahead of us. He may no longer bring home blue ribbons, but he still has the heart (and attitude) of a champion.

One thought on “Sunny days

    glorialsmith said:
    June 9, 2015 at 9:12 pm

    A concussion?! You can’t make this up!! And waahhooooo way to go Tazzy!


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